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Global Carbon Council

Global Carbon Council (GCC) aims to contribute to a Vision of sustainable and low carbon economy, and helping people to preserve the environment.

Public Consultation

Global Carbon Council (GCC) follows complete transparency and public consultation processes in its aims to:

  • Develop simplified and user-friendly methodologies with objective, stringent but consistent rules for baseline setting, additionality demonstration, emission reduction calculations and monitoring of projects.
  • Follow stringent and robust processes for registration of GCC projects and issuance of Approved Carbon Credits (ACCs).

Following public consultations are held for GCC Methodologies and Projects.

Top News

What is climate change

The world’s climate has been experiencing significant changes during recent decades compared with the more distant past. These recent changes in climate affect the species and geography of our planet in many ways, are already having a significant impact on human life, and are set to become more powerful and frequent as time goes on.


  • Support transition to a low carbon, sustainable society.
  • Positively communicate climate-change action to the world community.

Are Humans Really Responsible?

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Even small changes in the earth’s surface temperature have dramatic effects upon weather patterns, sea levels, agriculture and health.

Latest On Climate Change

Global Carbon Council is being launched at an opportune time when there are several climate success stories are built up globally and years of hard work under climate negotiations is generating fruits. Following are three recent and most important updates on international climate change negotiations which gear up the efforts for climate action globally and in Gulf region.

#COP24 at Katowice, Poland could not finalize the rulebook for implementation of article 6 on market-based and non-market mechanisms…

Through a Special Report in October 2018, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Paris agreement comes in force on 4th November as the necessary ratifications from the countries have been received by UNFCCC.