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GCC approves Enviance Services as the new GCC Verifier

GCC approves Enviance Services as the new GCC Verifier

The Global Carbon Council (GCC) is pleased to announce the approval of Enviance Services Private Limited as the 12th and latest GCC Verifier, following the established Procedure for Approval of GCC Verifiers.

Similar to all applicant verifiers seeking approval from the GCC, Enviance Services Private Limited went through a rigorous process to meet rigorous criteria set forth under one of the three primary tracks: the UNFCCC track (CDM), ISO Track, or MOU track. Enviance’s approval by the GCC program authorizes the organization to provide verification services for projects that aim to be registered within the GCC Program, as well as for the verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of projects already registered with the GCC Program.

To access the updated list of current GCC Verifiers, please visit our website at

It is worth noting that verification of project documentation by GCC-approved verifiers remains a fundamental prerequisite for project registration and the issuance of approved carbon credits (ACCs) within the GCC Program. This essential role played by GCC Verifiers continues to be instrumental in ensuring the accuracy of emission reduction claims made by project owners and in maintaining the integrity of the GCC Program.