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Global Carbon Council Set to Participate in COP28

Global Carbon Council Set to Participate in COP28

The Global Carbon Council is gearing up for active participation in COP28, following the success of their involvement in COP27 last year.

Taking place from November 30 to December 12, 2023, at Expo City Dubai, COP28 is themed “Unite. Act. Deliver.,” emphasizing global cooperation in addressing climate change.

COP28 marks a crucial moment for the world to evaluate its progress on the Paris Agreement. The inaugural Global Stocktake (GST) will provide a comprehensive assessment of climate action efforts and bridge the gaps in progress.

The Global Carbon Council has secured a coveted spot in the Blue Zone. Our primary objective is to engage with stakeholders, sharing our milestones, achievements, and charting the path forward for GCC to step up its contribution for global climate action and sustainable development movement. The GCC has garnered widespread support and enthusiasm from governments and both private and public sector entities, all recognizing our vital role in shaping policy frameworks and advancing carbon registry solutions, particularly in the context of Article 6.2.

At COP28, we are excited to unveil our latest methodologies and regulatory frameworks, focusing on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and nature-based solutions. These innovations will be presented and discussed extensively. Our thematic program for COP28 is geared towards uniting governments, youth, businesses, investors, and civil society to drive forward ambitious solutions that aim to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and, at the same time, mobilize substantial financial resources.