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Advisory Board

GCC’s Advisory Board is initially appointed on provisional basis by GCC Program Secretariat with a primary objective that it provides strategic direction for GCC Program The Advisory Board is responsible for the following.

  • Provide strategic direction to vision, work program and ambition of GCC, as well as its governance structure, modalities and procedures.
  • Support strategic decisions such as expansion of GCC to various sectors and geographic areas; and, strategic outreach activities.
  • Get update from GCC on new baseline and monitoring methodologies of GCC for calculation of emission reductions, and provide strategic advice where required;
  • Overview the functions and outcome of steering committee, who shall be responsible for review and approval of baseline and monitoring methodologies, projects and other technical documents.
  • Overview the GCC accreditation of verifiers and functions of independent GCC-approved verifiers who shall conduct:
    • on-site review of GHG reduction projects;
    • off-site review of its project submission document to GCC;
    • review of monitoring reports claiming emission reductions;
    • review of emission reduction evidences, instrumentation and monitoring systems on ground;
    • develop and submit project and emission reduction verification report to GCC.
  • Oversee the appropriateness of processes implemented by GCC in approval of methodologies and projects as well as in issuance of carbon credits.
  • Oversee the public availability of relevant GCC documents including repository of approved rules, procedures, methodologies and standards.