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Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee is composed of eleven members, who possess expertise in carbon markets, project evaluation/development, accreditation matters, and climate change finance and policies. The Committee members voluntarily contribute in their personal capacity to the decision-making processes as per GCC Program Process document. The term of service for each member is for two years and may be renewed based on his/her willingness to continue as well as performance assessment by GCC Operations Team. GCC Program ensures that each Committee member brings a unique perspective and expertise to support the decision-making process.

GCC Regulatory committee will follow the GCC Work Plan in its work in 2023.

Key Tasks of GCC Regulatory Committee

  • The Regulatory Committee reviews and approves GCC standards, baseline and monitoring methodologies, processes, rules & requirements, and guidelines. The GCC documents are available here.
  • The Regulatory Committee makes decisions on the approval or rejection of methodologies developed through top-down and bottom-up approaches.  Steering Committee decides based on the draft recommendations made by GCC Operations Team, their independent analysis, as well as external experts’ inputs (where necessary).
  • The Regulatory Committee considers draft recommendations regarding the establishment, revision, or withdrawal of methodologies, guidelines, and clarifications from GCC project activities.

Regulatory Committee Members (Details to be made available in May 2023)