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Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee is composed of ten members, who possess expertise in carbon markets, project evaluation/development, accreditation matters, and climate change policies. The details on submitted projects are available on GCC Portal and a list of approved GCC verifiers is available here.
  • The Committee members voluntarily contribute to the decision-making processes as described in GCC Program Process
  • The term of service for each member is for two years and may be renewed based on his/her willingness to continue as well as performance assessment by GCC Operations Team. GCC Program ensures that each Committee member brings a unique perspective and expertise to support the decision-making process.
  • Where necessary, the Steering Committee may request the GCC Operations Team to support them in responding to the stakeholders on the queries regarding the decision-making process or any relevant governance matters.

Key Tasks of GCC Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee reviews and decides on the results of assessments of GCC verifiers and their continuous compliance with GCC accreditation requirements in line with the procedure for approval of verifiers.
  • The Steering Committee decides on approval or rejection of requests for registration of GHG emission reduction projects and requests for issuance of carbon credit credits (ACCs) submitted to GCC. Steering Committee takes the decision based on the recommendations made by the GCC Operations Team as well as their independent analysis of the matter at hand. The GCC Program Process is followed in the decision of approval or rejection of requests for registration and issuance.

Most of the decisions are taken by Steering Committee through emails, GCC’s internal workflow, or electronic meetings (if required). Decisions are communicated to relevant stakeholders as per the GCC Program Process