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Petroltecnica: First GCC Verifier in the Middle East, Expanding Global Services

In a significant development for the Global Carbon Council (GCC) and the world of climate change and sustainability, the GCC is proud to announce the approval of Petroltecnica Environmental Services LLC as the 13th GCC Verifier and the first in the Middle East. This recent addition strengthens the GCC’s commitment to have sufficient regional verifiers available for project and emission reduction.

Petroltecnica joins the esteemed group of GCC Verifiers, following a meticulous evaluation process in accordance with the established Procedure for Approval of GCC Verifiers.

Similar to all verifier applicants seeking GCC approval, Petroltecnica underwent a rigorous assessment to meet the stringent criteria under MOU track. The approval granted by the GCC program authorizes the organization to provide essential verification services for projects aspiring to be registered within the GCC Program. They will conduct verification of GCC projects.

This addition to the list of GCC Verifiers demonstrates the GCC’s dedication to fostering environmental responsibility and ensuring the accuracy of emission reduction claims made by project owners. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the GCC Program, which is a crucial initiative in the battle against climate change.

The GCC further invites verifiers from regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America to actively participate, recognizing the profound significance of their involvement in this critical mission.

For more information and to access the updated list of current GCC Verifiers, please visit the GCC’s official website at